11 Staub
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11" Braiser - CHERRY

A new addition to the Staub enameled cast iron collection, this Chistera Drop-Structure cookware c..

$210.19 $374.99

11 Staub
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11" Cocotte - CHERRY

Due to the superior construction of the Staub cocotte lids, less humidity can escape during the co..

$213.75 $449.99

12 Staub
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12" Square American Grill - CHERRY

To complement the range of cast-iron cocottes, Staub has developed high-quality products for a va..

$103.28 $269.99

12 Staub
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12" Tajine - CHERRY

Made of heat conductive materials such as cast iron or heavy clay, with a painted or glazed exter..

$130.63 $274.99

24 cup mini muffin pan KitchenAid
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24 cup mini muffin pan

Bake 24 regular sized muffins, cupcakes, or cheesecake cups with this 24 cup mini muffin pan. The..

$12.00 $29.99

HENRY Flan Dish 1.8L Emile Henry
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HENRY Flan Dish 1.8L

This ceramic quiche or flan dish gently diffuses the heat to the heart of the dish, baking the fo..

$27.50 $54.99

Les Secrets d'Émile Crème Brûlée - 8 Pcs set Emile Henry
Save 50%

Les Secrets d'Émile Crème Brûlée - 8 Pcs set

Creating a gourmet dessert for guests can be a daunting tasks. Creme brulee or "burnt cream" is on..

$37.50 $74.99

Madeleine Pan Trudeau
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Madeleine Pan

Trudeau’s Silicone Madeleine Pan is the perfect way to surprise your guests. Its silicone constru..

$12.40 $29.99

Papillote steamer - GRAND CRU Emile Henry
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Papillote steamer - GRAND CRU

This Emile Henry steamer allows baking fish, white meats and vegetables in the oven slowly to pre..

$94.40 $159.99

Tarte-Tatin Set - GRAND CRU Emile Henry
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Tarte-Tatin Set - GRAND CRU

One mold to make a recipe. Turn out and show your pie with the platter. It's easy and fast ! The s..

$77.50 $154.99