• AE High-Performance In-Ear Headphones

AE High-Performance In-Ear Headphones

Harman Kardon
  • $159.99
  • $90.00

The Harman Kardon engineering team introduces the Harman Kardon AE in-ear headphones which achieve a harmonic blend of sophistication and simplicity, from high-quality materials to exceptional acoustic performance. These headphones reflect the Harman Kardon commitment to innovative industrial design and uncompromising sound quality. A triumph of craftsmanship and audio engineering, Harman Kardon headphones are designed for those with an eye for style and an ear for sound.
Solid aluminum alloy housing.
Optimized driver system for sonic clarity and accuracy even at low volume levels.
Silicone sleeves and Comply foam tips.
Apple three-button remote with built-in microphone.
Sophisticated, modern design looks beautiful.